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Deter Imposters & Reduce False Positives


Simple, Fast, Seamless User Experience

The Selified identity verification service easily verifies an individual by asking them to take a special ‘selfie’. Selified extracts data from the ID, verifies this information through its progressive identity verification workflow and provides an instant result. It’s simple, immediate and customer friendly. This improved online identity verification experience will result in more customers acceptance, fewer dropouts and help you to establish a long and trusted relationship with your customers.


Plug & Play, Easy Set Up

Setting up Selified’s selfie identity verification service is straightforward. We provide an easy to use software development kit (SDK) which can be integrated into your existing solutions and business processes. Our flexible progressive identify verification architecture allows you to select the most appropriate types of ID verifications to suit your needs.


Regulator Compliant

Know your customer & anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) checks are not optional – they are mandated by the regulator. The regulatory pressure to know who organisations are doing business with is increasing. Selified’s identity verification service verifies the real person and their credentials by accessing various independent data sources as recommended by the regulator. The management console allows you to you view and audit all your customer verifications from one single dashboard.

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We provide a software development kit (SDK) that help you to easily integrate the Selified identity verification service into your own application. The sandbox environment lets you run as many test verifications as you'd like while integrating without incurring any costs. If you ever have any questions while integrating, please visit our support page or call our support team for assistance.


Deloitte (1)
Selified POC At Deloitte

Deloitte has been involved in creating digital experiences in financial services and the public sector. They recently ran a government workshop to showcase how the latest technologies could make key customer-facing processes more efficient.  We were pleased to have been selected to participate and demonstrate how our OCR, ID and facial verification technology could quickly be adapted to streamline key processes used by citizens to access government services – improving staff productivity and decision making whilst speeding up processing times and giving a more reliable experience.

We are pleased

Fintech Week 2017

As we conclude Fintech Week 2017 summer is well and truly upon us. England has won the first test match and the strawberries and cream are being served at Wimbledon.  Many of us are starting to look forward to taking our summer holidays.

Watching the Wimbledon queues raises interesting questions with business parallels. Why do fewer than 10,000 tennis fans (if you take off those with show court tickets) take up to six hours to enter the grounds? Imagine what would happen if Chelsea football fans had to start queuing from

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