Two Factor Authentification (2-Step Verification)

Our two-factor biometric verification process allows you to offer your customers a simple selfie-based verification process as a way of verifying their identity on their own device.


Identification challenge

Regardless of industry, there are many times when an organisation needs to verify the true identity of its customers or members. For example, in online banking when a customer wants to set-up a new payee, in healthcare when a patient talks to a remote GP, during an insurance claim, or indeed in any organisation when someone forgets their password and needs it reset. In financial services in the EU the introduction of PSD2 will increase the need to correctly identify customers and to comply with the GDPR. Failure to properly identify a person could expose businesses to serious fines and reputational damage.

Process today

Organisations are often required by the regulator to identify customers through a two-factor authentication (2FA) process, typically something you have and something you know. If you want to add a new beneficiary online, your bank would either issue a one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile handset or require you to use a physical token device / OTP generator. If you want to change your personal details, eg an address or mobile number, you are required to call customer services and go through a challenge question process. You may even be required to write in or visit a branch or store. These scenarios are either onerous for the customer, costly for the organisation or not fully secure.

Face as a second factor

The face can also be one of the two factors - i.e. something you are. The Selified facial verification service is a simple way for you to utilise the face as a second factor to identify your customers.

Facial verification process

Customers will be sent a link asking them to take a simple selfie. Selified will verify the biometrics of the customer and will confirm their identity. This easy process provides a cost effective way of giving a seamless customer verification experience. The selfie-based two factor verification process can be beneficial to:

  • Allow existing customers to sign up for a new services or channels
  • Re-verify a customer before a high risk activity or payment
  • Reset a password or change an address
  • Check identity to prevent fraudulent insurance claims
  • Prove someone’s age or identity for exams or deliveries
  • Reclaim a fraudulently misappropriated online account

The easy set-up and the affordable pay-per-use model allows you to get started quickly.


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