How Identity Verification is Making Businesses Safer

Identity Verification for Safer Business Transactions

Signing up for an online service is rapidly becoming a monthly habit for many of us. The need may be simply to open a social networking account like Facebook, or for a more professional service such as an online payments account.

During the sign-up experience, it is common to find ourselves stuck midway through a vetting process where the onus is on us to prove the most basic of facts - that we are who we say we are. Similar to when applying for your first passport or opening a bank account you must convince the service provider that you are the rightful applicant.

The process of being verified can be time-consuming; however, the rewards are enduring. When using an expert online identity verification service, businesses can successfully verify the identity of prospective customers, making the onboarding process for both themselves and their customers an easy and pleasant experience.

Identity verification with trusted credentials allows people to communicate, trade and transact online just as in the real world.

Make Your Business Safer With An Effective Online Verification Service

Thanks to identity verification, the online world is quickly becoming a trusted and secure place for business and with the right verification tools, there will be fewer opportunities for criminals to take advantage of your services.

As verification technologies evolve, the online world will become as open for business and as easy to transact as the real world. Businesses can give their customers the service they require a seamless verification process, offering the same reassurance of a face to face transaction.

Good verification tools allow businesses to quickly and effectively verify customers with just a few steps – vital when acquiring time-poor customers who seek access to services urgently.

How Selified Can Help With Online Identity Verification

The Selified service is able to process manual exceptions quickly and efficiently.  By combining a unique combination of automation, machine learning and human guidance, the Selified customer verification service can onboard more customers with rigour via a seamless customer experience, whilst making it possible for organisations to cut their manual staffing costs.

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