Facial Verification

Our facial verification service is designed to verify individuals against the picture on their identity document. The technology uses numerous simultaneous techniques to ensure both accuracy and reliability. The raw images are pre-processed for facial image extraction and to ensure the optimum optical comparison under any given conditions which means that the service can confidently be used in everyday circumstances.

The liveness component of our facial verification technology checks that the images being sent are created live in real time. This is to prevent fraud from the use of pre-existing images.

The likeness component takes selected video images and compares with the facial images extracted from the ID document. Pattern recognition algorithms are used to determine specific facial characteristics to ensure high degrees of accuracy. These are weighted to take into account changes in facial image due to ageing and body weight changes.

By conducting the verification in the Cloud we can optimise the use of server computing power in a way that would not be possible when comparing different facial images taken under very different conditions using handset power alone. This means that organisations can use Selified at the start of the customer relationship during registration, whether they have an app installed or not.

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