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Selified is a one stop identity verification service that can verify a customer from anywhere in the world on any device.

The Cloud-based service enables you to verify a person’s identity from their passport or other government-issued ID document.
Businesses can easily embed our technology during their customer registration and onboarding processes.

Selified has a unique way of gathering all the information and verifying the person via facial identity verification, ID verification, proof-of-address verification and data verification – all in one seamless experience.


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Biometric verification

Our service uses biometric verification to match the facial image of the ID and matches against it the selfie.

Online ID verification

The ID verification service can verify any government issued ID document globally. The smart technology will apply various verification rules to verify the authenticity of the document. We also cross reference the various data to ensure that they all match.

Proof of address verification

The document verification technology also verifies proof of address documents.  We determine the structure and the key features and validate whether the document is recent.

Data comparison

Our data comparison service will cross check the key data against multiple documents and against the data your customer has entered in the application. For example, we will compare the name from the identity document against the proof of address document and against the customer entered data, ensuring that they all match.
Selified then provides the organisation with the decision and all the accompanying verification information including the face-match images and all ID data comparison checks.

We provide a standalone solution that requires no integration where businesses can start immediately as well as an SDK that can be easily embedded in your own front end, whether mobile or web.

We have an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing structure with no commitments. Prices start at £1 depending on the features selected.

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