Facial Identity Verification

Online Biometric Identity Verification

Biometric verification of the person behind the device is becoming important to counter fraud and prove a person’s identity. Facial identity verification is probably the easiest way to verify that a person is who they say they are. Everyone has a face and most people have a some form of picture ID issued by a government authority, whether it be a passport, a driving licence, residents permit or a national ID card.

The customer takes an image of the ID card and a selfie so that we can compare the likeness of the images. We have invested heavily in the facial pre-processing technology to make sure that it is easy for the customer to take the selfie. We can identify and select the facial image from the general photo.  There is no need to worry about positioning the face within guide markings.

We extract the face from the picture ID and the Selfie. If the customer requires us to conduct liveness tests we take images from a moving Selfie with a feature-set to suit the desired customer experience. We compare hundred of data points to check the facial match before providing an immediate pass / fail result.

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